Rat Island Life Guard Hoodie

When you wear the Surf Ratz life guard hoodie you’ll stay warm and comfortable, whilst enjoying of satisfaction of knowing that you look cool. The only tiring aspect will be answering the”where did you get that ?” question from admiring on lookers. This red hoodie an overhead style and is the uniform of Rat Island’s (home of the Surf Ratz) own squad of lifeguards complete with a “hand warmer” pouch pocket to the front. The hoodie has many other great features: A Yellow Cross chest print denoting the Rat Island Lifeguard status of the wearer and a printed yellow SR logo on each sleeve. The Surf Ratz iconic X-boards logo is beautifully embroidered on to the top of the hood and is thoughtfully orientated so that the logo is the correct way up when the hood is being worn down. The hood is lined with a startling yellow fabric, itself decorated with a repeat pattern that features Curtis’ head and the SR logo. This classic piece of kit is signed off with a woven red SR tab label, discreetly sewn into the lower left seam.Wear this hoodie to stay warm and stay cool

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