RatZip Thru Hoodie

This green zip through hoodie has been designed as the perfect crossover style from surf to skate, walk from the beach to the street and still look top of the scene. The top has 2 patch pockets to the front that provide symmetry and comfort. The design features a mood stirring embroidery of the Surf Ratz board logo in red and black, a long lower arm print of a rat’s skeleton on the right sleeve, and a matching red zipper with a black fabric puller. The Surf Ratz iconic X-boards logo is beautifully embroidered in co-ordinating red onto the top of the hood and is thoughtfully orientated so that the logo is the correct way up when the hood is being worn down. The hood is lined with a matching red fabric, itself decorated with a repeat pattern that features Curtis’ head and the SR logo. This classic piece of kit is signed off with a woven red SR tab label, discreetly sewn into the lower left seam.

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