Surf Ratz 5L Waterproof Dry Duffle Bag – Yellow

This 5 Litre waterproof dry duffle bag comes in high visibility yellow and is a great storage item for your smaller personal belongings and valuables.

The top of the waterproof dry duffle bag can be rolled and clip closed to form a seal, making the bag fully waterproof.

This is a really useful bag. Great for keeping your things dry when all around is wet, especially when on the beach or on a boat.

The 5 Litre capacity of this waterproof dry duffle bag will let you dry store all of your smaller personal stuff and, at the end of the day, you can take out your dry stuff and use the bag to carry your wet stuff (rash guards, swim things etc.) – keeping everything else dry in the process (especially car seats!).

The Waterproof Dry Duffle bag features the Surf Ratz blackmail lettering logo printed in black, orientated vertically up the centre of the bag.

The bag comes with a fully adjustable nylon webbing shoulder strap that clips securely onto the black plastic fixtures at the top and bottom of the bag.

An item you didn’t realise you needed until you saw one in action !

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