Surf Ratz Born To Rip Long Sleeved Overlay Tee – Stone

An item for heroes. Born to Rip, killer design, made to be seen in.

This long sleeved tee has so many great features. 

The front has an oversized print of our Curtis’ Rat Head in negative with the surf motto “Born to Rip” in the scrolls beneath.

The  back of this shirt also features our x-Boards logo embroidered high on the back, this will make people aware that they have a seriously cool operator ahead.

The front hem is decorated with our woven SR label.

The upper sleeves both feature our Surf Ratz Game logo, complete with “blackmail” words running across the iconic SR.

The lower sleeves feature an allover print of our glorious SuperGrunge pattern, itself depicting numerous Surf Ratz logos and components.

The back neck features an added semi-circle of SuperGrunge fabric to enhance comfort for the wearer and avoid any discomfort from the embroidery back.

The stone colour of the body is coolly contrasted with the grey of the lower sleeves and the black sleeve prints and neck trim, the red highlight detail of the neck tape and X-Boards embroidery completes this tasty recipe for the coolest surf/skate top you’re likely to see - EVER

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