Surf Ratz Line-Up Surf T-Shirt – Black

Alleviate your boredom and buff up your charisma simply by wearing Surf-Ratz’ Line-Up Surf T-Shirt in Black! Made from 100% combed cotton, these surfer tees are perfect for those who love the surf/skate culture and want to give their personal style a boost. Stylish, comfortable and completely American-made, these surf t-shirts are a great choice for active adults who still remember what it’s like to have a blast!

  • Made in U.S.A.
  • 100% combed cotton for comfort and style
  • Black colour with eye-catching multicolor printing
  • Available in 2 adult sizes
  • Also available in 3 children’s sizes
  • Exciting surf punk design
  • Fully machine washable

Also available in three other colours, including white, heather grey, and royal blue, the Surf Ratz Black Line-Up Surf T-Shirt features a multi-colour chest print of Curtis, Psych, Scratch, and Rokka – the 4 Surf Ratz – all framed within classic surfboard shapes. A great choice for days on the beach, afternoons at the Mall, or evenings hangin’ out with your buddies, these shirts are must-have gear for those who’ve been living the surf-life since the day they were born.

Please note: All Surf Ratz surfer tees are fully machine washable and come with an instructional care label. One little tip we have for you is that to avoid unnecessary disappointment, do not directly iron over the printed area of the shirt. Instead, turn it inside out and iron it that way (or better yet, pretend that you’ve injured yourself and get someone else to do it).

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