Surf Ratz Line-Up Surf T-Shirt – White

It’s time to realize your potential and become the dude you’ve always imagined yourself to be by adding the Surf-Ratz Line-Up Surf T-Shirt to your wardrobe! With an awesome multicolor design featuring the 4 Surf Ratz – Curtis, Psych, Scratch, and Rokka – our surfer tees are all American made and available with just a smart wiggle of your favourite digit. Just click and it’s yours!

  • Made in U.S.A.
  • 100% combed cotton for comfort and style
  • Clear white surfer tee with a multicolored design
  • Available in 2 adult sizes
  • Also available in 3 children’s sizes
  • Exciting surf punk design
  • Fully machine washable

Also available in black, heather grey and royal blue, the black Surf Ratz Line-Up Surf T-Shirt is a killer choice of surf wear for days spent with your buds on the beach, hangin’ around at the Mall, or just chillin’ out at home. With a sweet surf-punk design inspired by surf/skate culture, these surfer tees are ideal for adults who always have, and always will, live the surf lifestyle. Don’t be a kook, click yours up without delay.

Please note: All Surf Ratz surfer tees are fully machine washable and come with an instructional care label. One little tip we have for you is that to avoid unnecessary disappointment, do not directly iron over the printed area of the shirt. Instead, turn it inside out and iron it that way (or better still, use your God-given surfer’s charm and persuade someone else to do it).

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