Surf Ratz SR Logo Surf T-Shirt – Charcoal Gray

Refresh your surfer spirits with Surf Ratz ‘SR’ Logo Surf T shirts in exotic Caribbean Blue! Made from 100% durable and soft combed cotton. These comfortable surfer tees are perfect for chillin’ out, hangin’ out or working out! Designed specifically for those that don’t need to try too hard. Surf Ratz Surf T shirts are 100% American-made and will reaffirm your love for surf culture in a chilled and stylish way.

  • Made in California, the surfing capital of the world.
  • 100% Combed Cotton – comfortable & resilient.
  • Refreshing blue colour with white printing.
  • ‘SR’ Logo & Blackmail-style “SURF RATZ” lettering.
  • Available in Small & Medium adult sizes.
  • Awesome surf punk aesthetic.
  • Safe to machine wash .

To save having to explain to the uninformed, Surf Ratz ‘SR’ Logo Surf T-shirts also feature the words “SURF RATZ” across the front of the design in the eye-catching ‘Blackmail’ lettering. This feature rounds-off the design and delivers the unmistakable rough-around-the-edges surf punk vibe. As you’ve no doubt come to expect from genuine Surf Ratz products. Dynamic, vibrant, and packed full of character. The Surf Ratz SR Logo Surf T-Shirts are also available in adult in 3 alternative colours: Charcoal Grey, Pink, and Red.

Please note: All Surf Ratz surfer T shirts are fully machine washable and come with an instructional care label. One helpful tip we have for you is that to avoid unnecessary disappointment, do not directly iron over the printed area of the shirt. Instead, turn it inside out and iron it that way. Or better yet, persuade someone else to do it for you!

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